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Of Rot and Ruin

by Hath

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Usurpation 06:00
Slaves to the curse rotting away No memory to sustain Everything ends Drifting further from life Embers will fade In the pantheon of old I'll find my place I'll ascend to snuff the light Usurping the fire What rises may fade - the spread of the dark begins Seeking its vessels - the flame would be its bane I covet the throne The brighter the flame the deeper the shadow Such is the way Free from death, left to wander forever Inherit fire What rises may fade - the spread of the dark began Seeking its vessels - the flame would be its bane The writhing ruin bearing the curse Always searching wanting for naught This ghost in the mirror A mockery masquerading as a living thing Every pound of flesh, every bleeding wretch All have failed before to harness the truth I'm a vessel for the dead Their secrets are the prizes I lust Knowledge of demise from the minds of the wise We've lost but will soon see for my faith lies in ruins Let the dark be cast upon the world wasted to death by sloth The might of the tempest for he who lets the light die out
Currents 06:01
I can't see beyond the veil of death masking her face Tonight we come together as one The currents pulling me down My will and my flesh destined to die The acrid taste of failure festering in me no more Now I can reach beyond into oblivion The nothing that i was the nothing I long to be A bittersweet return from this hell Let me be forgotten I'm crossing the bridge Finally, I can be free Into the abyss, I'm falling down I want to be gone, just let me drown The dark brackish water burning my lungs Pressure builds behind my eyes I'm losing my resolve - can't handle the pain The gates are closed - bring me back Fear has its hooks in me now I've made a mistake - I want to come back I'm suffocating in regret The currents dragging me down to my new cavernous home To sleep forever Wake me up, it's no longer a dream
Rituals 08:44
Rituals, an offering of blood The lives of the holy misled, a feast for the kraken In darkness we crawled from the sea seeking power from whence we were born Eyes of black, grasping tentacles desiccating salt encompassing Reaving this world and beyond a return of iron to the sea amidst the salt and smoke Poisoning, his gifts dripped in venom plotting to usurp the sacred chair Silencing all who oppose and serve the conquerer of seas sails on wings of black Drinking deep the nectar of the magi revealing secrets unbeknownst Our slumbering lord reaches out encased in his sunken tomb he hungers for release Eye of the the storm, first and the last the master of the horn Leading us into a new age One last chance to see how the whole world will burn Smoke blocking out the sun Darkness swallowing the world Born of iron, leaving the stone The Other will lead us home Down to his halls Struck down at sea by the lord of light He will rain the fire down among us Broken men on broken shores Lowly pawns in an eternal war Blood in the water, death on the sea Feeding the other feasting with glee A winged beast appears Breathing death from the sky Scorching all of us This is not the one we beckoned I'm burning alive Led astray by the crow His begging eye black and full of lies He's led us to our doom The bones of the drake will mark our graves
To Atone 03:30
A thousand years to atone Reduced to ash, I rule Searing pain, my only companion I won't let it fade The foolish witch who came before Her hubris led her to burning The fire cannot be mimicked And so she turned to chaos The blood of the dark ones flourished before my eyes All turned away, let me fade, disparity is king Condemned to the pyre this husk will die on its own They birthed a great lord to take my kingdom away I've seen the truth laid before Doomed to exist in endless cycles
Withered 06:07
Souls of old, wretched lords Lumbering giants of more power than man Seeds of trees yet to be Crossing the sea, appeasing their want Lavishing ruin, destroying the lands of the king Sewing destruction, destined to repeat Descendants of the drakes, enemies of man Their essence stolen A quest to retrieve the ashen heart Lurching out of the dark Deliverance unto the usurper The last of the lords towering above them all To face the hand of the king The last of us Bound in iron Beneath his realm Cursed to bear witness To the fading of the light Cut down, barbarism unleashed The great ones are fading, giving way to stone Petrification sets in Life leaving their veins, never returning home Corrupting the ashen heart Trespassing into their dreams Breaching their souls for a truth To reveal the way of the king
Surrounded by darkness closing in I've traveled far to the land of light and sun To inherit what's mine The first age of humanity Heralded by primordial embers Set upon by festering rot Don't let it grow, the dead stray from their graves Forgotten who they were The flame can rekindle them all Hacking and smashing, I'm clawing my way Gods mark my path The last laugh is for he that burns When the world rots, we set it afire A kindness for those in the next Is it true, our lives are all born Of the first sin and we just repeat it in vain Flame, dear flame How brightly you burn I give you my all Your heat let us flourish But now you waver and falter The power of flame allures us and we attempt to harness In the end, it is all beyond our reach The power of the gods is gone
Kindling 02:25
Accursed 06:59
Reaching out to me seeking solace An ally in the dark, I just watched you descend I let you fall into the abyss I let you fall, I just turned away Sinking further, tumbling down The pressure, oppressive and strong It's comforting me Ceasing the pain - my only desire Longing to leave - my only drive Is it my cross to bear Leaving you alone I'll venture on solitary in regret A messenger brought me word of your demise An escape or condemnation Through different eyes The accusers pointing their fingers The accursed longing to sympathize It could have been me, it's lonesome now by my side It should have been me, your choice had been made But I still had to decide Confined - We all saw you die
Progeny 07:48
Father I know the gods have all gone away But I will remain to hold up the sun The darkened sky, omens of our fate The end of this horrid cycle Hollowing further losing my mind Only the heat of the flame can restore what's left behind Another undead led by the serpent Seeker of kings, a lie for which to repent More for the pyre extending the age again Charred husks left as remnants of the dying world The scaled lord has hidden his children Given them wretched spawn to revere We'll rebel, their number among us We will stand united anew Dearest daughter, where did you go The light's gone out, but I'll stay As the darkened sun Awaiting your return since you've gone away Here I lie hidden from the sun Waiting to be devoured by the slime of the dark Here I lie hidden from the sun At the mercy of sinners come for my soul Here I lie hidden from the sun Waiting to be devoured by the slime of the dark Father I stand the lone god among us I will remain your darkening son Hiding behind your grand illusion Their prayers will all fail when I'm finally lost


released April 12, 2019

Frank Albanese - Guitar & Vocals
Peter Brown - Guitar
Greg Nottis - Bass & Vocals
AJ Viana - Drums

Recorded and mixed by AJ Viana at AJ Viana Productions
Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Mastering
Album Art by Adam Burke for Nightjar Illustration
Guest vocals on "To Atone" by Shane Jost


all rights reserved



Hath New Jersey

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